Call Of The Dragonfly

January 1st, 2007

Sometime ago in the beginning of 2001

Lost Boys Games has released new information on Call of the Dragonfly, the action-adventure game, which is currently in development for multiple next-generation consoles, including the Microsoft Xbox. Most notably, the company has changed several aspects of the game’s plot. As the game’s revised story goes, Chrys Lane, a female agent from a covert operations team has been asked to head an investigation of a technology company known as Meditech, which is thought to be in some way involved with the abduction of several British scientists. During the course of her investigation, she is infected with an experimental Nano-virus, which gives her special powers. However, at the same time, the virus is slowly killing her. Players must infiltrate the Meditech facility, discover the truth behind the disappearance of the scientists, and find an antidote for Lane before its too late.

Call of the Dragonfly will integrate elements of stealth and direct action into its gameplay. Interaction with the game’s environments will also be an integral part of the game. It is currently on schedule to be released in summer 2002.




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