February 3rd, 2007

This started end 2005 before the online video hype with the idea to crossmix all kinds of possible video content: user would enter thier preference once and automatically receive all (new) material in their homes.

Uploaders could be anyone but preferably (semi) professional content creators.

The system features encoding (flv/avi/mov/wmv), streaming, a DRM (digital rights management) system with Microsofts DRM kit, a (pc/mac/linux) client for local storage.

The online part is mostly in RubyOnRails, Flash and is hosted on a mixed environment of Linux and Windows; the offline part (the client) is written in C++ and uses a lot of Boost, it also runs its own embedded webserver for the UI, users shift from web to local and back with same look and feel.

Abonja is free – advertisment would pay for it (or payed subscriptions for advertisment-less content).

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