April 16th, 2008

On april 1 I took off to attend the ACCU in Oxford, it lasts 5 days and it was amazing! Being there, listening, learning, meeting people, asking questions … (And of course drink a beer or 2 :)

Oxford saturday morning 6 am

Highlights were: on wednesday I attended Joe Armstrongs talk on Erlang – I already read parts of the book, so I had a notion of what was coming; it was very interesting, especially the figures on Moore’s law and multicores and how Erlang has concurrency baked into. Then I got the privilige to get a 3 hour introduction to Haskell by Simon Peyton Jones – great! (Interestingly enough, in 2003 he gave a talk as well, in which I was quite clueless – this time I understood more).

Christ Church

On saturday there was a full day on organizations/patterns by James Coplien – to me this was one of the best sessions, as I agree with one of Copliens statements (my words) ‘it’s the people stupid’ – it is no so much technology that is difficult but us … He authored this book – and it’s certainly worth a read!

Not far from

April 13th, 2008

the truth, I believe …

Saw this cartoon – and sort of liked it :)

The bigger question being, what could be the next big/fundamental/paradigm thing – or is there none, basically?