C++ iPhone development with Bjam

September 28th, 2008

Just got myself an outdated iPhone and a 2nd hand MacBook!

I’ve been toying with these two goodies for the last day and they are some funky goodies to get your hands on. Of course the most fun is to write your own stuff for it.

Part of the challenge is to not use the XCode IDE provided by Apple, but instead use automated command-line tools. Basically I want to stay away from the IDE and the objective-c. We’re going to use the boost-build system (bjam) and use as much plain C++ as possible.

Compiling and linking of an iPhone application is working fine. The next part is to get the application to run on the iPhone Simulator and/or the actual iPhone. The difficult part here is to get all the code signing, provisioning, packaging and copying in place.

I’ll keep you posted. If you’re doing something similar, then drop me a comment.



September 8th, 2008

Action Man says ‘Long live Apps Hungarian!’ – no arguing with him:

But saying ‘I need the ‘p’ prefix because

if (size == 0) and if (pSize == 0)

are different is wrong: best look @ your variable names …

(The picture came from Sutters blog).