March 29th, 2009

Object+ is an IT consultancy and project management company in the area of exchange related business like clearing, trading and riskmanagement.

We provide technical knowledge and experience in both the area of IT and exchange related business.


December 11th, 2008

Music, music and more music …

We helped Sellaband migrate to their new platform and facilitated the new site; part of that was creating a (restful) api to be used in for instance the new flashplayer …

iPhone anyone?


September 8th, 2008

Nifty VOIP tech demo on touchscreen hardware on behalf of iPOC as showcase for a b.i.g. Asian telco.

‘Touch and Speak’ you might say – the demo features C/C++, Python and runs over standard VOIP hardware.

All that and under a week’s work. Sweet!


August 26th, 2008

Sparkx is Sharing Quality’: The social media venture Sparkx is about sharing and finding relevant information within a trusted network. The Sparkx Quality Guide is central in their mission to let their users find and share the best addresses and businesses in their cities.


November 2nd, 2007

Q-go natural language search helps people find what they’re looking for in their own language.

Q-go is an Amsterdam based company founded in 1999 with offices in Spain and Germany – and customers like:

We are asked to:

In short, to get Q-go ready for the next phase in it’s success!


February 3rd, 2007

This started end 2005 before the online video hype with the idea to crossmix all kinds of possible video content: user would enter thier preference once and automatically receive all (new) material in their homes.

Uploaders could be anyone but preferably (semi) professional content creators.

The system features encoding (flv/avi/mov/wmv), streaming, a DRM (digital rights management) system with Microsofts DRM kit, a (pc/mac/linux) client for local storage.

The online part is mostly in RubyOnRails, Flash and is hosted on a mixed environment of Linux and Windows; the offline part (the client) is written in C++ and uses a lot of Boost, it also runs its own embedded webserver for the UI, users shift from web to local and back with same look and feel.

Abonja is free – advertisment would pay for it (or payed subscriptions for advertisment-less content).


January 14th, 2007

OpenZoep is the open source release of ‘Zoep’ – and a free, full fledged voip (voice over ip) api. Zoep was built in 2005 for Amsterdam based company Voipster.


Basically, it allows you to build your own voip client. For instance, this was done for firefox – after downloading the plugin, you got a neat button:

And if you clicked, you could dial another computer or a cell/mobile phone …

O’Reilly still carries a nice introduction to openzoep – but please note, many of the links in the document are no longer valid.



It is a message based sdk where the messages are xmpp messages, and the subsystems (dlls) can be loaded runtime.

An example:

  <voice id='call_test1002' 

This api allows developers to build their own clients: you bind the api to your application and start sending/receiving messages. The api is a simple C interface – this binds to most languages available on the planet.


The xmpp message definition was proposed to the xmpp council as a ‘jep’ – but Google already proposed libjingle.

(A big difference is that libjingle fully reimplements sip in terms of xmpp, whereas openzoep does not).

Source code

The source code and documenation are still available; you can browse trac and svn – if you want to download any code, please contact us.


January 3rd, 2007

An effort by the team who brought the world Kazaa! to reinvent how we use/browse/navigate/share the web.

It’s about sharing content with your privacy intact …

Call Of The Dragonfly

January 1st, 2007

Sometime ago in the beginning of 2001

Lost Boys Games has released new information on Call of the Dragonfly, the action-adventure game, which is currently in development for multiple next-generation consoles, including the Microsoft Xbox. Most notably, the company has changed several aspects of the game’s plot. As the game’s revised story goes, Chrys Lane, a female agent from a covert operations team has been asked to head an investigation of a technology company known as Meditech, which is thought to be in some way involved with the abduction of several British scientists. During the course of her investigation, she is infected with an experimental Nano-virus, which gives her special powers. However, at the same time, the virus is slowly killing her. Players must infiltrate the Meditech facility, discover the truth behind the disappearance of the scientists, and find an antidote for Lane before its too late.

Call of the Dragonfly will integrate elements of stealth and direct action into its gameplay. Interaction with the game’s environments will also be an integral part of the game. It is currently on schedule to be released in summer 2002.